operation guidebook(this game suitable customer over 16 years of age)
  • or so ambulation
  • jump
  • stop

the direction key Be or so to is an ambulation, blank space in order to jump, stop for return to the car key"ENTER"
grounder-like in shape BE:Press the direction key bottom first, then press the blank space key, immediately after loosen to open direction key bottom.

how start

the game add to carry to complete ¡úclick "START" ¡úclick "START GAME" ¡úchoice game mode.
choice MAIN GAME mode ¡úclick "START".
choice TIME TRIAL mode ¡úclick "PLAY" ¡úclick "START GAME"(can choose a role) ¡úchoice toll-gate.

game target
break through a bar, knock down end BOSS.