operation guidebook(this game suitable customer over 16 years of age)
  • move
  • Areturn to chop down
  • Sattack
  • Dnext split
  • defense
  • 123use medicine water
  • Pstop

keyboard direction key ¡û¡úthe control person move, ¡ükey up jump, ¡ıkey the bottom jump.In order to return to chop down A key, S key in order to chop down as usual, D key for next split, blank space key defense, broking off the box can acquire medicine water, number key 1 use yellow medicine water to add physical strength, 2 keys use blue medicine water to add life.3 keys use purple medicine water to use to come to concealed body.The P key stops a game.

how start

the game add to carry to complete to click PLAY- choose a toll-gate again 1- then click SKIP INTRO can immediately start a game

game target
help a little ninja to exterminate all enemies, extrication beautiful princess!