operation guidebook(this game suitable customer over 16 years of age)
  • take aim at gunning
  • change bullet

the mouse ambulation take aim at, click left key gunning and solve all of western"pig" Zis that appears in the appearance.Noticing "pig" Zis equally will counter-attack to the player, so, you need in momentary to knock down they, be apart from player more near"pig" Zi, open fire speed also more quick, nature, need them to be included in to first solve a target.The appearance is above exact center a blood slot, being shot by"pig" Zis will correspond to deduct one part, if completely finish buttonning up a, game be over.In addition to quickly solution drops to appear of piglet, sometimes appear a medical kit in the appearance, after shooting will reply blood slot for player.That shoots a most player each time can unite to shoot 8 hair bullets, after, need to press the blank space key to change to play, in the diagram mark of upper left, the player can see arrive currently the bullet in the cartridge clip counting.

how start
the game click play after adding carry to complete- again click skip- then click play can immediately start a game
game target
quickly exterminate all pigs"Zi, acquire higher score!