operation guidebook(this game suitable customer over 16 years of age)
  • mouse operation
  • drink medicine water

move a mouse control the spray can on the hand, toward on the above of the appearance the insect son falling in(parts of toll - gates from bottom upwards) to click left key, spray insecticide then.Is similar to in the appearance the pipe of sink means currently medicine water of the surplus quantity, use up hereafter need to press the blank space key to drink medicine water.In the game, if had insect son to once leak, they would erode the product of player, once the product is finished eating a game by the insect son to end, must careful.

how start
the game click GO after adding carry to complete- use the magnifier of appearance again can immediately choose that the toll-gate(insect in the sky, ground insect and insect in the house) can immediately start a game
game target
successfully exterminate all of dislike of insect son!