operation guidebook(this game suitable customer over 16 years of age)
  • the mouse operate
Use left key of mouse to click to carry on move or open a product, click the button of dialog box right bottom Cape to carry on dialogue with the left key of the blank space key/mouse, can also use a keyboard direction key the key carry on ambulation and input person name with the keyboard, ATTACK in the game is an attack, DEFEND in order to defendoof, USE ITEM in order to add blood, WAIT adds blood for community.
how start
the game click two START after adding carry completion NEW GAME- choice SKIP click START after jumping the animation- the choice the game role the importation the name- then press the blank space key after jumping the dialogue until whether choice gets into lectures click NO again press the blank space key be over dialogue can immediately start a game.
game target
exterminate meet of monster, according to the hint, control a game role, discover more secrets!