operation guidebook(this game suitable customer over 16 years of age)
  • mouse operation
  • or so move
  • jump up/attack
  • 1234 choice weapon
  • 5 round be over
  • Vmove appearance
Direction key /the AD key control person move, the blank space key jumps up/attack(is long press can Xu dint), number key 1 move mode, number key 2 attack mode.The number key is 1234 choice weapons, number key 5 round be over, the mouse clicks X cancel, the V moves appearance.
how start
the game click play after adding carry to complete- again click campaign(battle mode)/customize your battle(to war mode)/practice(practice mode)- immediately after choose red team(red brigade)/blue team(blue brigade)- choose a toll-gate again 1 can immediately start a game(if choice to war mode- choose a play 1 vs again play 2 or play 1 vs cpu- immediately after click a blue airplane button in a row can start a game or choose to practice mode- click practice 1 can start a game)
game target
control a role to exterminate all enemies!