operation guidebook(this game suitable customer over 16 years of age)
  • mouse operation
  • the interface move
  • confirm
Use left key of mouse to click to carry on a game operation, control interface ambulation with the or so key of the keyboard direction key top and bottom, blank space key in order to make sure key, use a mouse to click STOP of SKILLS menu in the game in order to stop, DIG in order to get down excavation, in order to climb upward, BUILD also clicks person then born order.The first essentials uses various means to take diamond to make money, then gets stripe a material to earn more money
how start
the game click arrowhead after adding carry completion and order Play again, choose one toll-gate again order Play- then choose that the purpose presses the blank space key to start a game.
game target
the task needed by completion game, arrive destination then!