operation guidebook(this game suitable customer over 16 years of age)
  • move
  • jump up
  • Skick
  • Dboxing
  • Agreatly recruit
  • Wjump shot
  • Eenergy
  • Fcut over to fly
Keyboard direction key the control person move, the blank space key jumps up, the S key kicks, D key boxing, the A key greatly recruits, the W key jumps shot(would not until press the blank space key to jump up use), E key energy, and the F key cuts over to fly.(become land according to a F key again)
how start
the game click to choose person(is above you, is under a computer) after adding carry completion- choose a difficulty again- then click FIGHT can immediately start a game
game target
control your role, vanquishing of success opponent!